We’re researching and developing AI to create breakthrough technologies for our company, our customers, and the world.

Our Focus Areas

Fundamental AI Research
Progressing core AI areas including generative AI, representation learning, explainability, data efficiency, reinforcement learning, and multitask learning.
AI for Enterprise
Solving real-world problems involving conversational AI, natural language processing, and multimodal data intelligence.

Meet Our Leaders

Silvio Savarese
Executive VP and Chief Scientist

As an Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of Salesforce Research, Silvio plays a key role in ensuring AI research and technology leadership, setting medium and long-term strategy, and influencing scientific investments.

Vanita Nemali
Chief Operations Officer

As COO, Vanita owns and drives the cadence of the organization by partnering with the Chief Scientist and leadership to define the vision, strategy and execution plan. She leads and drives execution and operations to support innovation and deliver AI to the Salesforce suite of products.

Caiming Xiong
Vice President of Salesforce Research

As a VP/managing director of AI Research at Salesforce, Caiming leads to build the state-of-the-art AI technologies, publish in top academic conferences, innovate, collaborate and embed our work across Salesforce clouds to accelerate the building of AI products.

Sridhar Raghavan
Senior Director, Product Management

Sridhar Raghavan leads Product Management at Salesforce AI Research. He focuses on bringing impactful innovations in AI to the market by working closely with customers and partners.

Steven Hoi
Vice President, Salesforce Research Asia

As the founding Managing Director of Salesforce Research Asia, Steven is the pioneer and leader who oversees all the activities of AI research and development and grows our AI talents in APAC.

Kathy Baxter
Principal Architect, Ethical AI Practice

As Principal Architect and manager of the Ethical AI team at Salesforce, Kathy develops research-informed best practice to educate Salesforce employees, customers, and the industry on the development of responsible AI.

Our Locations

Advancing AI research from California to Singapore!

Innovate with us in Silicon Valley!

Our Palo Alto office is the main hub for Salesforce AI Research where we have cultivated a team of diverse backgrounds. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our office is at the center of innovation and in close proximity to our San Francisco headquarters. Join us in creating the future of AI.

Advancing our State-of-the-Art AI Research in Asia.

Salesforce Research Asia is our first AI research center out of our R&D hub in Palo Alto, California. It is located at Suntec City near the central business district. Asia is a region of fast-growing innovation, businesses, and talents. Managing Director Steven Hoi, who co-authored over 200 publications in top-tier journals and conferences and an IEEE fellow, leads our Singapore lab to build a world-class research team to help define the future of AI innovation.