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A Conversational AI Programming Model

CodeGen is a conversational AI programming system that takes low-code to the next level with an AI system that writes code based on prompts from developers, and lightens the need for writing code itself.

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AI Painter

AI Designer that assists and unlocks generative visual design

AI Painter is a generative AI system that assist users to turn imagination into visual content with flexible language driven interface, it empowers non-experts to create and edit visual content iteratively.

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A One-stop Library for Language-Vision

LAVIS (short for LAnguage-VISion) is an open-source deep learning library for language-vision research and applications, offering comprehensive support for a wide range of tasks, datasets, and state-of-the-art models. Featuring a unified interface and modular design, it’s easy to use off-the-shelf and to extend with new capabilities. With its powerful features and integrated framework, LAVIS helps make AI language-vision capabilities accessible to a wide audience of researchers and practitioners.

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A Machine Learning Library for Time Series

Merlion is an open-source Python library for time series intelligence. Merlion provides an end-to-end machine learning framework that includes loading and transforming data, building and training models, post-processing model outputs, and evaluating model performance.

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A Library for Explainable AI

Omni eXplainable AI (OmniXAI) is an open-source Python library for explainable AI, offering omni-way explainable AI and interpretable machine learning capabilities to address many pain points in explaining decisions made by AI models in practice. OmniXAI aims to be a one-stop comprehensive library that includes a rich family of explanation methods and provides an easy-to-use unified interface to generate the explanations for your applications with only a few lines of code. OmniXAI also offers a dashboard for visualizing explanations to obtain more insights into model decisions.

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Converse is a flexible modular task-oriented dialogue system for building chatbots that help users complete tasks. Converse uses an and-or tree structure to represent tasks and offers powerful multi-task dialogue management. Converse supports task dependency and task switching, which are unique features compared to other open-source dialogue frameworks. At the same time, Converse aims to make the bot building process easy and simple, for both professional and non-professional software developers.

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