A Conversational Programming AI Model

“Look mom, no hands.”

Salesforce is lifting the veil on the next stage of programming using artificial intelligence — coding with language commands, instead of hand-writing code. CodeGen is the conversational AI programming system that takes low-code to the next level with an AI system that writes code based on prompts from developers, and lightens the need for writing code itself.

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Coding for All

Imagine a world where humans and machines had dialogue to write programs and code together. CodeGen from Salesforce allows the continuation of inputs and outputs with learned behavior to account for efficiency. Let’s ask CodeGen to solve the two-sum problem.

Programming Python with Conversation

Conversational AI programming takes the heavy lifting off of writing code through natural language understanding. Basic commands can now easily be translated into real code functions. See how further interactions with CodeGen can verify success with a Salesforce example.

Utilizing Discourse for App Creation

CodeGen can assist in iterative construction of a complex game app within a given environment by simply having a conversation. Using the example of classic game, Snake, learn how CodeGen works with external dependencies to build the program with precision.