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Meet Merlion: A Machine Learning Library for Time Series

Merlion is an open-source Python library for time series intelligence. Merlion provides an end-to-end machine learning framework that includes loading and transforming data, building and training models, post-processing model outputs, and evaluating model performance.

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Meet the team

Huan Wang
Director, Salesforce AI Research

Huan’s research interests include machine learning, big data analytics, and computer vision. Currently, Huan’s team works closely with the product teams to improve the product efficiency at Salesforce. At the same time, he has been actively publishing academic papers as well as participating in open-source software efforts. Huan used to be a senior applied scientist at Microsoft AI Research, a research scientist at Yahoo’s New York Labs, and an adjunct professor at the engineering school of New York University. He graduated as a Ph.D in Computer Science at Yale University in 2013.

Doyen Sahoo
Senior Research Staff

Doyen is a Senior Research Staff at Salesforce Research, focusing on AI Innovations to help operational efficiency for Salesforce.