Conversational AI

Better collaboration via conversations - human-human and human-machines

Conversations happen everywhere!

Communication platforms such as Slack have changed the ways we work and share. Salesforce AI Research focuses on building cutting edge AI solutions to understand these conversations and facilitate both human-human and human-machine interactions.

An open source framework for building and deploying Task-Oriented Dialogue (TOD) systems.

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64% of agents with AI chatbots are able to spend most of their time solving complex problems, versus 50% of agents without AI chatbots.”

Salesforce AI Research


Meet the team

Wenhao Liu
Director, AI Research

As Director of AI Research, Wenhao leads the research and productization efforts in Conversational AI and many key areas of Natural Language Processing at Salesforce AI Research.

Jason Wu
Manager, AI Research

Lead a research team on conversational understanding and summarization for research and productization.

Semih Yavuz
Senior Research Scientist

Semih conducts research to advance state-of-the-art on NLP with a particular focus on different aspects of conversational AI, question answering, and semantic parsing, while also embedding the AI research developments across Salesforce clouds for customer success.

Latest Publications and News

Controllable Abstractive Dialogue Summarization with Sketch Supervision.
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CoCo: Controllable Counterfactuals for Evaluating Dialogue State Trackers.
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ToD-BERT: Pre-trained Natural Language Understanding for Task-Oriented Dialogues.
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"The Triangle of Trust in Conversational Ethics and Design: Where Bots, Language and AI Intersect" Workshop Summary
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Slack your way to QA - How past conversations can answer future questions
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CoCo-DST: Controllable Counterfactuals for Evaluating and Improving Dialogue State Trackers
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Our team is growing!

Salesforce has plenty of conversational applications and opportunities to create high social, product, and research impacts. Apply now and join one of the best AI teams in the world and shape the future of conversational AI with us.

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