As Seen in Dreamforce 2023

Supercharge Development using CodeGen our In-House LLM
Sridhar Raghavan

Senior Director, Product Management

Erik Nijkamp

Senior Research Scientist

Unleash LLM Potential for CRM
Shafiq Rayhan Joty

Director, AI Research

Shelby Heinecke

AI Research Manager

Shu Zhang

Lead AI Research Engineer

Einstein for Flow for Admins
Cesar Castro

Senior Director, Product Management

Vera Serdiukova

Director, Product Management

Ajaay Ravi

Senior Manager, Product Management

AIOps & ApexGuru: AI-Powered Operations & Code Optimization
Doyen Sahoo

Senior Manager, AI Research

Laksh Venka

Senior Director, Software Engineering

Power the Future of Service with Large Action Models (LAMs)
Emily Winslow

Senior Manager, Customer Success for Growth & AI

Jason Wu

Senior Manager, AI Research

AI & Data: Research Trends
Silvio Savarese

EVP & Chief Scientist

Caiming Xiong

VP of AI Research

Soledad O’Brien

Broadcast Journalist and Executive Producer

3 Principles for Trusted Generative AI
Kathy Baxter

Principal Architect, Responsible AI & Tech