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We deliver tools to our employees, customers and partners for developing and using AI responsibly, accurately and ethically.

Our Commitment

We believe the benefits of AI should be accessible to everyone. But it is not enough to deliver only the technological capabilities of AI – we also have an important responsibility to ensure that AI is safe and inclusive for all. We take that responsibility seriously and are committed to providing our employees, customers, and partners with the tools they need to develop and use AI safely, accurately, and ethically.


To safeguard human rights and protect the data we are entrusted with, we work with human rights experts, and educate, empower and share our research with customers and partners.


AI should respect the values of all those impacted, not just those of its creators. To achieve this, we test models with diverse data sets, seek to understand their impact, and build inclusive teams.


To create AI accountability we seek stakeholders feedback, take guidance from the Ethical Use Advisory Council, and conduct our own data science review board.


We strive for model explainability and clear usage terms, and ensure customers control their own data & models.


Accessible AI promotes growth and increased employment, and benefits society as a whole.


Model Cards for AI Model Transparency

Model cards seek to standardize documentation procedures to communicate the performance characteristics of trained machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Think of them as a sort of nutrition label, designed to provide critical information about how our models work -- including inputs, outputs, the conditions under which models work best, and ethical considerations in their use.

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Ethical AI Maturity Model

Salesforce’s maturity model — a descriptive analysis of how practices start and develop over time — leverages insight from top technology companies and emerging success stories in the field. It also leans heavily on Salesforce’s experience as a leader in ethical AI practice. Check out the full AI Ethics Maturity Model to learn more about the stages of practice development and why they matter to businesses.

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OmniXAI: A Library for Explainable AI

Omni eXplainable AI (OmniXAI) is an open-source Python library for explainable AI, offering omni-way explainable AI and interpretable machine learning capabilities to address many pain points in explaining decisions made by AI models in practice. OmniXAI aims to be a one-stop comprehensive library that includes a rich family of explanation methods and provides an easy-to-use unified interface to generate the explanations for your applications with only a few lines of code. OmniXAI also offers a dashboard for visualizing explanations to obtain more insights into model decisions.

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